This page discusses how the Refined Method of EFT is performed.

There are several different versions of EFT being taught, however they all follow the same process.   Some versions are longer than others, some are shorter, yet they all provide the ability to release negative and stuck emotions.

The method I use is called the "The Refined Method of EFT",  it is also sometimes called the "The Shortcut (Shortened) EFT Method"

Introduction to the Refined Method

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As with all versions of EFT there is a Setup and a Sequence.  The Setup usually always remains the same.  There are two main locations that are used for the Setup, these being either the Karate Chop Point or the Sore Spot.


Sore Spot

If you elect to use this meridian point, Use your fingers on one hand and rub the sore spot in a circular motion – Either side is ok – you will know when you are on the right spot as it will actually be sore to rub.

You do not tap the sore spot, you rub in a circular motion

Karate Chop:

The Karate Chop Point is generally the easiest point to tap and is my preferred method of use for the Setup.  Tapping on this spot using your four fingers of the opposite hand.

Either hand is fine...  You can also swap hands during the Setup Phase if desired.

I use the karate point about 99.9% of the time.

Sequence Meridian Points


The Main Facial Points are easy to locate, just tap the locations as per the above image - these are standard locations that are used with most versions of EFT.

The Collar Bone Point is just below the collar bone. Find the point where both your collar bones come together in the middle, go down about 1 inch and then 1 inch over to the left or right.

The Under Arm point is in line with the nipple on men and the middle of the bra strap for women, in line with the center of the arm pit, or there about’s.

The Top of Head point is roughly around the crown area. Pick about a 50mm circle at the rear of the head and tap in a circle. If you were to place a flat straight object on top of your head and press a flat straight object against the rear of your head pointing upwards, they would both meet each other at about the crown area. That becomes the center of the circle (the 50mm circle)… Roughly said, the crown area has numerous meridian points, so as long as you are tapping on top of you head towards the rear.



With the Refined Method we start tapping at the EB (eyebrow) point and work down.

EB, SE, UE, UN, Ch, CB, UA and back up to the H. (see diagram)

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